22. Januar 2019

Vote for Lula

As long as I remember, I know Lula as a person who works for social justice, the liberation of the poor and excluded, peace and democracy. In the early 1990s, I co-organized a public discussion with him at the Technical University of Berlin. At that time, Lula was still under the impression of the political defeat in the Brazilian elections, which was a direct consequence of the changed world political climate after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The situation was confusing and questioned almost all the certainties of the political left. I remember Lula as a modest and reflective person, without all the airs and graces that political leaders often have. When I see where Brazil stands today, I fear that he made many mistakes in his time as President. I say this without really knowing and certainly without malice. But whatever mistakes he may have made, for me it is evident that he is an intergre person. The reason why they are prosecuting him now is certainly not his wrong decisions, but what he has done right.